summer chorus

Male fall field cricket, by Kevin Judge


In spring the yard comes alive again with the sounds of birds and insects—So much to hear that I cannot see.

By August, grasshoppers and crickets abound. I step outside to a pleasant churring in the morning and at night, I notice a contrapuntal chorus: rolling trills accented by the tweet tweet tweet of field crickets. Sounds waft through my open bedroom window—messages from an overlapping world.

sleek crickets of fall

hiding under a ground tarp

choristers of night


©️2018 Ontheland

For dVerse Poets Pub: “The sounds of Koorogi, Cricket dVerse Haibun Monday

P.S. There is much mystery in the sounds I hear. While writing this haibun I learned that there are many kinds of crickets—most are nocturnal but some chirp day and night. I discovered some crickets under my ground tarp covering bags of mulch—I am assuming they are field crickets (the nocturnal ones according to my Garden Bugs of Ontario book).

13 thoughts on “summer chorus

  1. oh, you’ve so captured the essence of these late summer swishing into fall sounds …. the crickets …. are so particular for their songs … which can be pleasant, lovely even, but when a stray finds its way inside? LOL – and plays hide and seek all night?! drives me batty; but yes, this poem, grasshoppers springing underfoot and singing all the while and the crickets – is wonderful. Lovely haibun Janice. 🙂

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      1. LOL – lucky you! It’s a total comedic scene of errors when it happens. But I admit, I still love cricket songs and grasshoppers, much better than the cicadas, which drive me nuts! (even as I would be forlorn if they didn’t sing for the summer)

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