the gate

a swinging gate

on both sides the flowers


©️Jane Reichhold

birds call others answer back

a world with no real borders



A Tan Renga for Carpe Diem. The opening haiku was written by Jane Reichhold (1937-2016) and the challenge was to follow it with two lines. I sourced the image from Pixabay.

13 thoughts on “the gate

  1. Janice,
    Your wakiku seems to me to have a sense of finality, where mine, I think, suggests more to come. Interesting. I was originally thinking to taking mine in a similar direction (no borders), but settled on something different.

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  2. In a way, I guess mine IS talking about “no borders,” too. Flowers are the same on both sides of the gate, They do not know if they are weeds or not and recognize the gate’s authority. Humans, of course, live in a different world than the birds above and the flowers below.

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    1. We like to think we live in a different world but do we? For me your line ‘weeded blooms and weeds beyond’ shows the human touched world beside the ‘wilderness’… an edge of sorts, but not at a fundamental level. (I have a feeling this may be what you are getting at…for the weeds there is no border … ‘weeds’ are only a human construct.)

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