plastic armour

at the grocery

evading plastic armour

finding old ways


in my cart

a naked cauliflower

how shocking



captured for a bargain

plastic netting



laid out side by side

on black foam slabs


boxed peaches

touched by nobody

so impeachable


©️2018 Ontheland

I avoid food in extra packaging and plastic bags as much as I can. Why pay to fill landfills and clutter waterways?

Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018, Finding the Way, July 15 to August 14.

All images are courtesy of tagged under food packaging and grocery store.

15 thoughts on “plastic armour

  1. We worry about plastic shopping bags when every item is double, or triple, wrapped in plastic. Even the morning newspaper arrives each day in a waterproof plastic bag. I do what you do: shop the ocal farm markets and avoid as much plastic as possible on principle. Neat poem, too, by the way. I like your linked Haiku.

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    1. Thank you, Roger. The amount of plastic in the produce aisles seems to be increasing even as it seems we are becoming aware of how we need to cut back. Boycotting is the way to go.


      1. It’s funny, I live in a rural area but there are factors of extra driving distance and specific times that haven’t fit into routines or my desire for no extra routines…but it is an option to keep in mind…I find writing about these things gives me nudges ;)…(I also am a mini farmer myself, gathering herbs, spinach, zucchini etc in the summer)

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