summer swim

freshwater dip

the essence of happy summers

in a splash


©️2018 Ontheland

Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018, Finding the Way, July 15 to August 14

12 thoughts on “summer swim

  1. In all the years by my little creek I’ve never swum in it. If I did I’d have to wear shoes… snapping turtles –
    I did see a canoe once and someone standing on a paddle board. I picked up a small board… now I need to find a big paddle… Though there is a deep section (not too deep) by my yard where the creek bends it isn’t deep at all. And with all the odd stuff in there… it’s not like a clear stream or lake. Though I guess there are similarities. The water being a constant cool to cold.

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  2. oh yes! to the lake to the lake …. nothing quite like it! And that looks like a very happy companion …. it’s been so hard on all the companions, furry friends and creatures of the wilds, generally – and oh that water looks so “delicious” for the clarity – I love how it’s playing along the stones!

    wonderful capture in the Haiku and photo … 🙂

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    1. Thanks Pat. I had my first summer dip in a lake last week and hopefully not the last! The water was clear and I was glad to have water shoes to get over the rocks on entry (I don’t dive in). There were four dogs with us and it was great enjoying their different approaches to water.

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      1. sounds like you had lots to see and watch, with all the dogs – funny how they, like people, approach water in different ways; best not to dive if one doesn’t know! I’d walk to the lake if it wasn’t so damn buggy and I know the water level is down a bit – so it’s gonna be a bit on the warm side …. so maybe I’ll wait longer …. have to see 🙂

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