Queensway moose

Moose on my bedroom wall


filtered light

the moose on my bedroom wall

alive in the woods

the Queensway moose, his life

taken for losing his way


The story behind this short poem can be found here. A one-line preview is that a moose on a city highway was shot ‘for public safety’.

©️2018 Ontheland

6 thoughts on “Queensway moose

  1. A beautiful image of the moose Janice, they are such lovely animals, such serene souls. God bless the poor moose who lost his life – it sounds like he was injured. May he roam free on the other side of the rainbow 🌈💜

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    1. They are very serene…the one I met years ago was. The moose on the highway was injured but not much was said about it…the severity of the injury was not clear. I felt the news reports didn’t take the decision to kill very seriously.

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  2. All animals are beautiful… Some are harder to return to the wild than others.
    At least according to the article the loss, was used.
    Which isn’t always the case for deer ‘lost’ on the highways…

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    1. What you say is true. I think it was the way it was reported, lacking any information about why it would be so hard to put him in a place of safety until he was healed…and their calling it euthenization without explaining his injury. It all seemed so cold, a discussion of how an inconvenience was handled.

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