shoreline view

Splash pad in Coronation Park, Oakville

Last week we travelled several hundred kilometres to take one of our dogs for a dental surgery in Oakville, a suburban town in southwestern Greater Toronto. The sun was scorching hot and the humidex was high, but waiting in air-conditioned places was not an option as our second dog was with us. Our solution: a shaded leashless dog park followed by a parking spot under a generous maple tree near Lake Ontario.

We saw children shrieking with delight on a modern splash pad with multiple sprays that they swivelled and aimed or ran under. A beach and the silver expanse of the Great Lake shimmered below.

lakeshore to the east

concealed by a smog-white shroud

Toronto towers


©️2018 Ontheland

5 thoughts on “shoreline view

  1. I’m sure your dogs return every bit of the love you give them.

    Toronto has some great views. We have friends that used to live in The Beaches area for years. They moved to St. Thomas for a few years to be near family, but they’re back in Toronto and couldn’t be happier. They’re in a high-rise that looks out on the lake (just across the highway from the waterfront) with a beautiful view if the city skyline from the west – nothing like the residential area they once lived in. They missed the city dearly while gone. I liked going to Toronto while living in the Buffalo area, but was always happy to not live in a major metropolis.

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    1. Yes they are very loving. The Beaches is a beautiful area…old homes and large trees and the boardwalk by the water. I mostly prefer living out of the city mainly because of the traffic congestion but I do miss the numbers and diversity of people and activities available. Lately on my visits I also appreciate the large deciduous trees and birds, the natural environment that I lived in for decades.

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