time travel

I travel back 300 years before my lifetime. I move in time but not in space staying rooted to this spot on earth. Who lives on this soil? What grows here? If I could, I would see the whole story unfold from the beginning. We are specks, our history a blip in billions of years.

full rainfall at last

how long will these trees thrive

on rock and clay?

©️2018 Ontheland


The geological clock: a projection of Earth’s 4,5 Ga history on a clock (“Ma” = a million years ago; “Ga” = a billion years ago)

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille June 27, 2018 time travel

24 thoughts on “time travel

    1. Thanks for dropping by. The last three lines are a haiku, part of the classical haibun form that I was attempting…on the theme of time travelling where I live, but yes there is a shift.


  1. Read a poem recently in which the poet questions and converses with a rock; this makes that make sense. They, alone, hold the stories.

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  2. I love that feeling of being connected to the immensity of geological time. It brings with it a tremendous sense of being an ‘earthling’, of being rooted and grounded in Mother Earth.

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  3. There is a science show about the universe I like to watch that has evolution set in days and years on a calendar. And while I know I am not remembering it exactly; humans are a blip of seconds on the last day of the 31st… or something like that.

    You also remind me of another show I liked to watch about a magical Highlander… who often had flashbacks of going back in time and standing on the same location/ spot.

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