summer rain

dark summer day

air clings to humidity

clouds hoard the rain


the beans grow inches

no time lapse movie needed

when summer rains


in mid-summer rain

a green umbrella rises

young sunflower stems


©️2018 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #39 mid-summer rain

17 thoughts on “summer rain

  1. Feel the humidity in the first one. Makes you want to tap those clouds. Description of the beans and sunflowers is exactly the way I’ve seen them – falling open.

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  2. You’ve describes summer here. Though I’ve no beans. They do grow fast don’t they.
    One year in winter when my own were little I grew a pea plant inside… and pollinated it by hand so the children could see it grow 🙂

    All I’ve got now are some herbs in pots, but they are growing fast too. 🙂

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    1. It’s probably no wonder that there is a magical beanstalk story. One day I rejoice to see a stem rolling out of the earth and then if it rains there is suddenly a plant several inches high.

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  3. I went visiting and ended up creating haiku for those who posted for Midsummer Rain – here’s yours:

    plants inspire tales
    of mythical scale; beans reach
    trough midsummer clouds


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