small birds pecking

Carpe Diem’s Weekend Meditation features Kenshin Sumitaku…penname ‘Kenshin’…a Japanese poet who succumbed to leukemia at age 25 in 1987.  He had been writing haiku for three years, many, but certainly not all,  from the perspective of illness.  Examples of his one-line, free style haiku can be found at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and I found more samples of his writing at Simply Haiku.  The Carpe Diem challenge is to write one-line haiku inspired by Kenshin. My Saturday stream of consciousness follows:

a young poet, sad words from his bed


clouds today, fan blades purring


leukemia, Kenshin and my aunt years ago


in the sunflower patch, is that a pumpkin seedling?


after the crows, small birds peck at the field


government envelope, a Pandora’s box 


moping peonies, rockstars of an earlier time


©2018 Ontheland

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