Friday morning in Ontario

Today Ontario woke up to a new majority government. Sad news for those of us who care about social and environmental issues. The new Premier has been compared to the current President of the United States. Time will tell.

No sparkle today

a Conservative landslide

fireworks to come


spirit lifters–

a bird flying with fledglings

June peonies


©️2018 Ontheland

Photo credit: Pixabay. com

9 thoughts on “Friday morning in Ontario

  1. A frightening comparison… I hope the future is brighter than that for you all. Lovely photo and poems … the birds with their chicks do lift the spirits … new beginnings, hope! Have a very special Sunday, Janice! 🌺🌻

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    1. Thank you Annika. Hopefully the comparison is off…there are differences I heard an analyst on the radio say today and of course the extent of his power is smaller as a provincial leader…yet the election results are anxiety provoking…thank goodness for positive distractions 🙂

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