a summer spring

I wake up to a rushing sound. ‘It’s raining’ percolates my sleeping mind with a splash of pleasure… a break from hot sunny days will be pleasant…after all, it’s spring. The seeds I will plant prefer cool soft breezes over sultry winds. I sit up…golden light flickers behind the blind…the rotating fan purrs like rain.

planting seeds

sweat streams down my face

where is spring?


©️2018 Ontheland

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille May 30, 2018, Sunny Days

The photo is from Pixabay.com.

8 thoughts on “a summer spring

    1. That is hot for any time of year! Our temperatures have been consistently in the high 20’s for the last week or so. Hoping for some rain tonight :)☔️


  1. Wet spring here. Even so the birds sing and that is a pleasure.
    I like that you used the word percolate – reminds me of my grandmothers old coffee pots.
    Percolators on gas stoves… the sound and the smell of memories.
    The coffee pot could also be electric. I remember the glass nob on the lid where you could see the hot water that had gone up the stem to then fall back down into the basket that held the grounds.


    1. Coffee making used to be quite a gurgling production…not as embedded in my memory as my mother only dragged out the percolator when she had guests…. the word percolate brings me to filtering processes as well…seeping…the bird song is wonderful… lately I discovered there is quite a party outside my window before dawn…quieter sounds after that.

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