I am not a mountain dweller… my everyday world is flat with an occasional hill or rocky climb…but I have seen and felt mountains.

It was September 13, 2001.  Our flight was booked and my sister was getting married 2100 miles away on the west coast of Canada. Airports had just reopened after the 911 attacks and air travel felt risky but we were not willing to be intimidated. We would not call off our plans…through grey clouds our jet climbed to the stratosphere.

My memory shifts to mountains I’ve seen on Vancouver Island and in Jamaica…narrow winding roads hugging cliff edges, eyes glued to the road steering a rental car…or hands gripping seats in an old bus hurtling at breakneck speed while we pray for no head-on collision on a thoroughfare barely as wide as the bus.

air is thinning

sheer cliff one foot away

climbing a mountain

I inhale deeper

trusting the one at the wheel

©️2018 Ontheland


This month’s theme at Carpe Diem HaikuKai has been a Journey into the Andes. The May 28 episode (#1441) features a video ‘Music of the Andes’. The images of narrow mountain roads in the video remind me of my similar experiences. The music is from the album ‘Flutes des Andes’ performed by Alpamayo:

4 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. Janice, wonderful post of courage and trust. I have travelled many roads like these
    and it is frightening. You need trust in yourself or any other driver. Bus is worse in my opinion.
    I remember to fly on the first flight out of U.S after 9/11. Felt same as you.

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