fragrances and rainbows

For Carpe Diem Crossroads #10 Chèvrefeuille chose two beautiful haiku by Jane Reichhold:

coming to sea cliffs

the off-shore breeze raises

a flower fragrance

out of a wave

rainbows of high tide

arching wind

© Jane Reichhold 1937-2016

At first, making a new fusion haiku felt daunting as I don’t live by an ocean. However, on a second read two poems came to me. The first is inspired by Reichhold’s first haiku and a visit today. The second is a fusion, drawing from both of Reichhold’s haiku and my memory of rainbows in spray. I visited Niagara Falls, shown in the photo, many years ago (

lilacs in a vase

their heavy scent fills the room

Ah! a window breeze


leaning over the falls

scent of rain splashes my face

rainbows in the spray


©️2018 Ontheland

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