whirlwind reboot

They were a whirlwind

From the moment they rose from the table

dedication filled the kitchen

Plates were stacked rinsed

washed dried shelved

The counter gleamed,

polished with expert precision,

each swipe and shine etching

my mind with energy

A whirlwind of getting it done

no thought no hesitation

one elegant gesture of clear, wash, polish

until every crumb was gone

placemats perfectly realigned

and the kettle on for tea

Having absorbed this spectacle

I marvelled

not ruffled by recalling the dishwasher,

(my total wash/dry perception an exaggeration)

it was the speed and polish that rebooted my system.


©️2018 Ontheland

4 thoughts on “whirlwind reboot

  1. This reminds me of sitting at my brother’s and after dinner they cleared the table in a choreographed whirlwind dance – with ease sorting the dishes into the dish washer. All whilst continuing the in-depth conversation, the music playing in the background! Lovely post, Janice, capturing the actions, the flow! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx

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    1. A happy weekend to you Annika! ‘Choreographed’ would fit well here…it was two sisters who I am sure have performed their miracle dance together many many times.

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  2. It is quite amazing to see how a group of people who know each other well and work together often can perform domestic tasks so smoothly and efficiently.

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  3. This reminds me of the family holidays when my sister and I had clean up duty – and no automatic dishwasher. Doing the glassware first, then the silverware, dishes and lastly the pots! 🙂

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