Fusion haiku featuring Basho

A discarded cicada shell (exoskeleton) posted on Pixabay by “skeeze”

In his ‘fusion’ or ‘crossroads’ haiku challenges Chevrefeuille takes two haiku and invites us to create a new one inspired by both.  His Heeding Haiku prompt for the week proposes a fusion of two Basho haiku translated by Jane Reichhold:

from a treetop

emptiness dropped down

in a cicada shell


black forest

whatever you may say

a morning of snow

©️Basho (1644-1694), translated by Reichhold

I have written two haiku, each inspired by both of Basho’s poems.

late summer mayhem

shrill calls from the dark forest

lovers’ armour thrown


in wooded shade

peace in another world

tangled mind unwinds


Aokigahara forest in Yamanashi, Japan; photo by “ajari” of Japan, CCA 2.0 license

© 2018 Ontheland

14 thoughts on “Fusion haiku featuring Basho

  1. The call of the wild – even insects have such songs.

    When I find the empty shells of the cicada it is fascinating. There is actually a wasp called a Cicada Killer.
    And I’ve seen the small wasp successfully take down the larger cicada.

    Nature in all its aspects, both life and death – have meaning and purpose.

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      1. The shells, kind of like a snake shedding skin. You might think you are seeing the insect, but only the shell remains. – Especially if it isn’t moving and is somewhat transparent – it can stick to tree bark so you might think it is living, but the living part left and went off to bury itself for next year. 🙂

        Interesting info in the link.
        There’s a clip in there with different Cicada voices.

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      2. I think an adult emerges from the shell and looks forward to several weeks of evading predators, trilling, and mating. I hope this is right because my first haiku is based on that idea…

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