learning to flow

I woke up to the sound of chuckling rain. what a relief, a break from the urgent calls of the sun: come fork mounds of straw off the garden beds! come plant seeds–it’s early spring! come let the seedlings under indoor lamps breathe outside air! come out to mow the grass! I raise the blind and see young blades rising from the earth … they’ll be twice as hard to mow after their feast but what can I do? my body has rebelled, compelled me to rest and so I must.

Easy advice

put to the test again

slow down

Later sunlight returns, fresh leaflets shimmer, birds twitter…no be-twixt and between for them…nor for the cardinal calling from the highest branch.

Kitty cat purrs

Sprawled on resting legs

taking it easy


Today Lillian at dVerse invites us to write any kind of poem incorporating two or more brand names. I chose the chocolate category: Chuckles (chuckling rain), Mounds (mounds of straw), Twix (be-twixt) and Kit-Kat (kitty cat). I folded these references into a haibun about my current experience of spring. I am also linking to Haikai Challenge #33: spring rain.

©️2018 Ontheland

18 thoughts on “learning to flow

  1. oooh…chocolate! I have used this rain, this week to transplant some ferns and forsythia… I hope they take.
    Good luck with your resting and gardening. If the rain holds off or the sun comes out I may have to mow my front lawn for the second time in the same week… At least between the rain I was able to get most of my gully… I have to divide my lawn to conquer it 🙂

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    1. Ferns sound beautiful…I like forsythia too 🙂 Our grass is growing like crazy while both of us of have ailments that prevent us from getting out. Thanks for your wishes… I should be out there soon!

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