spring visitors

The red-domed lady bug makes its way around the edge of the washroom sink. Lower down, near the drain, another one shuffles. I find a piece of paper and lift the second one to a safer place on the window sill. Then I reach for my toothbrush and toothpaste and turn on the tap. What do these tiny bugs feel I wonder. Do they suffer like us if overwhelmed by a torrent of running water?

spring sunshine

life throngs through the window seams

miniature beings


©️2018 Ontheland

In response to dVerse Poet’s Pub Haibun Monday: Compassion

22 thoughts on “spring visitors

  1. A wonderful write Janice. I do believe even the smallest of creatures can experience a range of emotions and I too, feel bad when I don’t notice flushing something down the plughole before it is too late and tend to say a little prayer for them. I love your closing haiku, especially the imagery in ‘life throngs through the window seams’. Thank you for joining in! :o) xxx

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  2. This is the way to be, Janice. I love the way you have explained Buddhist philosophy in a simple, everyday anecdote about behaviour we would love to see everywhere.I’d love to know what animals and insects feel. I love the phrase: ‘life throngs through the window seams’ – a wonderful wakening of miniature beings after their winter sleep.

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    1. Thank you Kim. I’ll never forget learning about the Jains how they will never harm a living thing no matter how small. It can be challenging to avoid at times but something to aspire to.

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