many paths

There are many places that I have not seen—deserts, volcanoes, inland seas. For some, wandering is the path, a liberation from the familiar. And yet wandering in what is here unveils other dimensions, other paths…a life finds its own journey…spiralling through space, love, passion, meaning…

snug in the earth

leaf and stem dream of fruit

young blueberry bush


©️2018 Ontheland

An extreme haibun (consisting of no more than 55 words) for Carpe Diem #1421 Desert.

The image is offered for public use at

9 thoughts on “many paths

  1. There is one house in the neighborhood where the previous owner dedicated it, the yard to the wild creatures.
    All the plantings were for them – including blueberry bushes – what was sad was that one year there was a personal theft of the berries. Someone trespassed and clipped off the fruit!

    For a while I had some wild berries. Most of which went to the birds. One year though I was able to salvage enough to make a couple of very small jars of mixed berry fruit spread.

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      1. I watched a movie once that stated that depending on the soil the blueberry will taste and grow differently. And yes some fruit plants take at least a year or even more before producing fruit. Some people put light weight nets over their fruit bushes to discourage birds.

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