hanging branch

Snow covered treetops

a cherry blossom dreamland

until the branch falls

©️2018 Ontheland


My haiku is a ‘revision’ of this haiku written by 18th century Japanese poet, Yosa Buson:

a branch snaps under snow

waking me from a dream of the cherries

flowering on Yoshino

© Yosa Buson 1716-1784

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #28 Revise that Haiku

Photo of snow trees is from Pixabay.com

18 thoughts on “hanging branch

      1. The ice storms are so difficult to photograph. The light changes somehow and they are never on the camera hat hey are to the eye. I meant to say I liked the haiku too: great way to go, the two haikus running parallel.

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      2. We (where I live) got lots of sleet and rain during the ice storm but little ice buildup on the branches. There were many stories from across Ontario though and some tragic ones, about falling branches and other heavy items.
        I like the task of ‘revising’ a classic haiku as it is a way of looking closely at the original poem as well as writing.

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      3. Reviewing and revising: a great way to compose. I often use older texts, working and reworking them to bring them up to date. We get lovely ice-storms down here … but they can be pretty dangerous when they get out of hand, as they have done over the last few winters. Killer storms, some of them and we now fear them greatly when they are announced.

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    1. Thanks Jane. It does create a contrast, like a dessert ;)…..I think maybe Buson saw feathery snow in the tree branches
      as looking like white cherry blossoms.
      He was great at catching unexpected connections.


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