March 20 Spring equinox

Frozen sun

balanced on a wire

first day of spring

Light poised to overtake

the night, my galloping heart!


At this Northern Longitude our high today will be only a degree above freezing but it is the first day of spring. From now on day will no longer be shorter than night.

The theme of Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge this week is Spring Equinox.

©️2018 Ontheland

11 thoughts on “March 20 Spring equinox

  1. I enjoyed the horse reference… And the longer days are a de’Light’ 🙂
    I think though that I might have done too much at once clearing what the plow left on its last sweep of our neighborhood streets. Cramping legs muscles do not gallop well. (I’m fine now… but the snow was a tad icy and the mountains of ice chucks were heavy.)

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    1. Yes the stuff left by the plows can be dense…for some of us it hasn’t really been galloping weather (although it helps you stay warm ;). It’s been interesting to hear of heavy snowfall south of the border …we’ve had more freeze than snow lately.

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      1. Inasmuch as Man may or may not be helping the axis of the planet is shifting and weather cycles are changing (some quite naturally on their own) in the great rotation of time.

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