concealed, then
in the feline stealth of time
mountains grow from dust


©2018 Ontheland

Amaya at dVerse has challenged us to write a shadorma (3-5-3-3-7-5 syllables) with hints of shadow, mist, enigma. I wrote this gazing at the sunset, first thinking about the tunnels under Rome where they discovered all kinds of refuse, and then about other dumps and secret disposals large and small.

The photo is in the public domain, courtesy of Pixabay.com (search ‘hidden’).

23 thoughts on “hidden

  1. The “feline stealth” describes well the process of how the earth herself changes and becomes renewed. It takes a special set of eyes to see that and I can tell you are prone to watching your cat with such keen observation. Thank you for this intriguing Shadorma!

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    1. Thank you for these thoughts Amaya…if only we could/would more closely perceive evolutions, processes, that occur before us, sometimes extending back centuries and reaching into the future.


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