In like a lion

Early March winds cleaned off the porch last night…threw the empty greenhouse into the yard. Now it lies on its side pinned…kept in place.

Spring’s rival roams

dashing hopes of early thaw

hurling gusts of chill


©️2018 Ontheland

The greenhouse event was a potential haiku that I almost bypassed. Frank J Tassone’s Haikai Challenge: “first spring gust” nudged me to write this haibun.

18 thoughts on “In like a lion

  1. The lion roars…
    Hope your green house is OK.
    I had to take in my trash bins… or they would have made it to the middle of the street.
    Only a small respite yesterday – the winds perhaps not as fierce have returned.

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    1. Still quite windy here though certainly not as bad as on the east coast…the greenhouse hasn’t moved again since its expedition. It probably catches the wind better when standing up.

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