roundup of robins

preludes winter’s last full moon

spring is in the wings,

a curtain of leaves will come,

conceal their feathered presence


© 2018 Ontheland

dVerse MTB Brevity

23 thoughts on “roundup

  1. I saw starlings or some other tiny birds through the bushes without leaves yesterday. The phrase “curtain of leaves” reminded me of those birds. Also “feathered presence” made me think that leaves are like feathers on trees.

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  2. You are so right about the roundup. Down here, before the curtain of leaves, there’s a shower of Robin leaving on my car every day. I like your poem. It’s beautiful and easier to handle than the black “snow”, lol

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  3. so many layers to your poem its so lovely to read and daydream it. spring is in the wings, like waiting to appear and in the excited flutter of the birds feeling the coming of spring. the curtain of leaves hiding the petite feathered creatures and also like an act waiting to happen. really beautiful imagery

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