hometown memory

When the mercury plummets to minus double digits, I think of my hometown, the place of my first 18 years—colder than any place I have ever lived.  There is one particular occasion, waiting at a bus stop, that sums up my memories of harsh cold.  It’s my freezing temperature benchmark.

On a grey winter day on a downtown street I wait alone for a bus, my vision narrowed to an expanse of frozen pavement.  There is no shelter from the biting wind.  My cheeks feel like cardboard, my ears are numb, the air is dryer than dry, my fingers clench inside mitts, feet stomp and my mind burrows deep.

mental challenge

in harsh winter winds

warm blood runs deep


©2018 Ontheland

My haibun is written in response to the dVerse Monday Hometown Haibun prompt.

20 thoughts on “hometown memory

  1. I don’t know how you survive those temperatures! I know I have a particular medical problem with the cold but still! Your description of that feeling of the cold reaching right inside to the bones is so familiar and we haven’t even had daytime temperatures below freezing at all!

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    1. I think people acclimatize…so that people living in the Yukon can handle even more severe cold. I’ll never forget the story of a guy who lived up North and wore summer clothes when visiting in cold winter farther south… mentioning the medical aspect, I have felt a cold within when your body can’t keep a steady temperature…I feel that when very tired and seen that in others with anemia.


      1. Your layering approach sounds similar to mine…I often wear a hat indoors (keep the furnace low)…I wonder if there are open gloves (open finger tips) made of a light stretchy material…I have wool ones but they would be too clumsy for indoors. Anyway, I ramble 🙂


      2. I tried snipping the ends of a pair of old gloves, but typing is too difficult. I have a hood on my padded jacket to keep the furnace warm. At least we should be out of this bad patch in a few days. Can’t wait!

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