on being poetic

There was a day when a poem knew what it was
It went for a walk, people would nod
“Yes, a poem” they would say

Since Emily’s time, writers broke traditions
A poem walked proudly but some people said:
“Is this really a poem?”


©2018 Ontheland

I poemed this in response to dVerse’s quadrille challenge: “Poem one for me”.

21 thoughts on “on being poetic

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes when is a poem not a poem….I guess the world in general has been more familiar with other writing forms such as novels and music. We have a lot of descriptive words and genres and people talk about different kinds.

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    1. Rhyme is fine ….in fact it’s wonderful in the hands of writers such as yourself who use it well….it’s just that many people and even some dictionaries define poetry narrowly.


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