to write or not to write

Can I write a poem
grazing on
stirring dull residues
of wounds and tears
that clog my spirit?
I could bounce away
but then,
would I not still feel empty?
Perhaps I will stay,
sip cold coffee,
and move my pen.


A poem of exactly 44 words (a ‘quadrille’) for dVerse Poets Pub using the word ‘bounce’. Perhaps not a bouncy take on bounce, but more writing will get me bouncing again.

©2018 Ontheland

32 thoughts on “to write or not to write

  1. Janice, this is a strong poem and beautiful.
    Maybe if you make a nice hot mug of coffee and write until that residue
    is cleared and leave the spirit bright and shiny,
    And then you write some more…😊

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  2. This is probably my favorite poem of the day. Phenomenal. It just goes to show that the best poets can write about absolutely anything/everything, no matter where they are or what they’re feeling. Well done!

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