parking lot moment:
tires rumbling on frozen snow,
the satisfying crunch
of my boots, groceries in tow…
parallels the pleasure of wood smoke


Some pleasures come with mixed feelings. Cars with rumbling tires emit exhaust and burning wood releases particulates, but I love the sound of crunching snow and the smell of wood smoke.

©2018 Ontheland

9 thoughts on “crunch

  1. There is something special about that crunch of tires on snow and ice – one very frosty morning I lay awake in the morning listening to the early morning commuters setting slowly off down the road…the echoes of wintry sound a gentle rumble. Your poem captures all this perfectly.

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    1. It is a very distinct sound. I think I may be hearing more of it this year because of our subzero temperatures… more like in my childhood when I lived farther North. Thanks Annika.


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