lines – – shadorma

November 10, 2017 by Ontheland

slender stems,

slim shelter of lines,

a filter

making sense

of night’s boundless horizon

beyond twilight sky


©️2017 Ontheland

A shadorma response to tonight’s dVerse challenge: “Express an idea, emotion or mood symbolically without saying anything directly”

29 thoughts on “lines – – shadorma

  1. I really, really enjoyed this. I did not see the symbolism, but no matter because it spoke to me silently — and that is great. And your poem was plain and understandable yet speaking at deeper levels. I read it twice, it was so inviting. Thanks.

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  2. Excellent on many fronts, Janice. The line structure is great, each line able to stand on its own. You draw the reader/viewer right into the picture, and your words send the mind to thoughts of what lies beyond the horizon.

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  3. Your words are beautiful and gentle and I have read them several times and they make me sigh with pleasure. They fit your photo perfectly.
    Sometimes we need that filter to make sense of the expanse of our own horizons.
    Anna :o]

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    1. Thank you…lines, words, form, veils, layers and so on do invite and transport as well as limit. Your thoughts and those of others have helped me to feel this more.


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