Last leaves on trees – – shadorma

leaves dangle

trembling in dawn cold

last standers

hanging on

afraid to fly, to step out

into dark unknown


©2017 Ontheland

Most trees around here have lost their leaves. But this morning I noticed one still bearing dead leaves. This poem is a shadorma (3-5-3-3-7-5) for Shadorma November at Along the Interstice.

12 thoughts on “Last leaves on trees – – shadorma

  1. Nice I was out walking in Deer Park a few days ago and saw a tree with some leaves still clinging to it. it made me stop and think how was it that all the others within view have dropped theirs, why had this one not done so?

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    1. Nice shadorma, thank you 🙂 I like the rhythm of he form, the short and long lines…if you do write more shadorma this month you could link up to Shadorma November (link at end of post)…

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