seed of wisdom 


wafting on the wind

wilted petals float away

sleeping bulb remains


all that’s left

crinkled brown scuttling

over lawn



in nature’s  mirror



words moving my pen

lines, circles, forward and back

looking for wisdom


©2017 Ontheland

Carpe Diem #1303 Seed of Wisdom

16 thoughts on “seed of wisdom 

      1. There was a time when books were harder to come by and more like treasures. There is a sort of romance in having a collection to savour and not craving for more. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the range of reading options…


      2. I resent the time wasted on reading bad books. The only way to avoid it is to read the classics. I might be missing out on some modern gems, but I’d rather let other people waste their time picking them out. 🙂

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