in the wind
every song ever sung
faint vibrations
quiver for eternity
rustle branches in the trees


in the clay, wind, dew,
fire aching–
seen, unseen
transmutations travel time,
stars to earth to bone

©2017 Ontheland

A tanka and shadorma inspired by Carpe Diem #1301–River’s Lip, an episode in Carpe Diem’s Rubaiyat Another Way series. Each episode in this series offers interpretations, reflections and related poetry. Below are the featured Rubaiyat quatrain and other poems from the prompt post:

And this delightful Herb whose tender Green
Fledges the River’s Lip on which we lean –
Ah, lean upon it lightly! for who knows
From what once lovely Lip it springs unseen!

© Omar Khayyam (Tr. FitzGerald), from The Rubaiyat

(river’slip refers to the river bank)


There’s not one atom of yon earth
Butonce was living man;
Nor the minutest drop of rain,
That hangeth in its thinnest cloud,
But flowed in human veins.

©Percy Bysshe Shelley, from Queen Mab


on river’s lip
hyacinths, grasses and other herbs
kisses of life

© Chèvrefeuille

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