October winds bend

sounds of settar reverie

my heart beats in time


deep within

gold thread of humanity

love’s mantra

©2017 Ontheland

Carpe Diem #1286 Love has taken me on a journey while listening to this performance by Iranian musician, Bahramji in a Putamayo compilation called “Yoga Lounge”.  My first impression was that the opening music is played on a Sitar, but when I delved further I concluded it is likely a Persian Settar.  (I still debate whether or not it is a Persian Santoor.)  Serendipitously I learned that the mantra, Rama Bolo, is a mantra of universal love.  When I look back to the prompt post I discover more connections to Chèvrefeuille’s haiku:

the last steps taken

to find universal love –

the sound of rain                         

© Chèvrefeuille (2014)

11 thoughts on “threads

    1. Certain music does feel like a path along with meditation, yoga, universal love…hearing some of the new age electronic music you have shared has led me to explore and discover a new (for me) type of music that is soothing, invigorating, uplifting….thank you 🙂


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