When I saw this image I thought of a young adult I heard about recently.  He is so sad and depressed he doesn’t care about the work he does and how his lack of attention and effort affects people who are unwell.  These are people who need the products he assembles.  I imagine he may once have been a tormented child born into a world that didn’t care.

A child alone 

bent over in despair 

kissed by soft winds 

warmed by spring sunlight 

his heart needs love to grow 


Notes:  This evocative photo was discovered by Chèvrefeuille on Tumblr and is his prompt for Carpe Diem #1249 Despair

© 2017 Ontheland

10 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. For many of our young we are creating a life of no hope….but that also applies to others of all generations. We have created a world where the economic model no longer works. Life skills are low in the academic schemes that measure ones ability. The rich/poor divide grows and pride in ones job not considered important by many employers who demand the earth yet give nothing. Sounds selfish but glad I am at the other end of the spectrum but fear for my grandchildren’s future.

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      1. It never was easy but I think despite that difficulties we had hope….. many young folk I meet from all backgrounds have no faith in our political leadership (any party) and as a result loosing that hope. Not all young folk I admit but a significant number who only aspire to just getting bye. Sad

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