Solar eclipse (2)

I composed three haiku in response to a Carpe Diem Utabukoro challenge in which you choose a haiku (your own or someone else’s) and let it be your inspiration. I chose this gem from Japanese haiku master, Basho:

Fire-white halo

at the moment of eclipse

I notice your face 



My haiku:

Sun lost in shadow

     no passing moon will smother 

           enduring flames


Hidden eye

        endures darkness

                with steady gaze


Clouded star

         passing gloom cannot

                     hide your charm


©2017 Ontheland

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9 thoughts on “Solar eclipse (2)

    1. That’s an interesting thought about the long lasting impact of the eclipse…it probably wouldn’t hurt for a natural cosmic event to linger in people’s consciousness…I’m not really plugged into popular media so am not tuned in to what mileage it’s getting.

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  1. You have excelled with this trio Janice. All capture the moment of an eclipse. I still vividly remember a total eclipse way back in the mid 1970’s. What amazed us was as we stood on a balcony taking in the eclipse all the surrounding birds noisily flew into trees and went silent then welcomed the emerging sun a few minutes later as in daybreak.

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