milkweed and monarch butterflies

Black-dotted borders 

on peach-bright wings proclaim

monarch revival!


in their meadow

striped larva

destined to fly

and sip nectar

milkweed pod

green curves echo the



A monarch caterpillar’s magic meadow is the milkweed plant. Mother butterfly lays an egg on the underside of a leaf and the larva feeds on the milkweed plant, the only food it can eat.

When mature, the caterpillar migrates away from its milkweed to a high hidden spot where it transforms into a tiny green pupa or chrysalis. It is from this pod that a new butterfly will soon emerge.

As a species, monarch butterflies have been considered endangered for quite a while. This has in part been caused by human destruction of milkweed (directly and indirectly). In recent years increased protection and planting of milkweed has had a positive impact.

For a summary of the monarch butterfly life cycle and the crucial role of milkweed see

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