Solar eclipse

Today’s solar eclipse was only partial in Ontario, Canada. I was outside tuning into any changes around me and wrote two small poems (tanka and haiku):

Daylight shifts 

to evening grey 

crickets buzz—

I dare not look as

dark moon clips the sun


earth and sister moon


in orbit


Some of you will remember the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon (1973). This video of the song ‘Eclipse’ shows the moon moving across the sun and if you last to the end, there is an interesting conclusion.



Ontheroadprompts: “Travelling with the Moon”

©2017 Ontheland

10 thoughts on “Solar eclipse

  1. I experienced a sense of eeriness when ‘daylight shifted to evening grey.’ The quality of the air changed, a calm silence descended, no birds to be seen. Enjoyed the Pink Floyd video. Wonderful post, Janice. ❤

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