chasing butterflies

Summer showers


splash lines on this page



lights scatter the darkness

my home


Responding to Ontheroadprompts:  “For this week’s prompt let the life and work of Hisajo inspire your creative explorations of haiku and related forms.” Hisajo is a Japanese poet of the early 20th century (1890-1946). To read about her life and writing visit Suzanne’s post at the link above. Her essay includes the following quote and haiku which I found particularly inspiring:

I would like to make a haiku out of what touches my life, what my eyes see, ears hear, what my heart speaks to myself in a strong voice… I want to sketch things that left an impression in the depth of my soul.“

From a Letter Written In Daybreak, 1922 by Sugito Hisajo

chasing butterflies

deep into spring mountains

I have  become lost

                     – Hisajo 


©2017 Ontheland

9 thoughts on “chasing butterflies

  1. That’s great – I love the image -” prisms of awareness/splash lines on this page”. It’s a beautiful way of describing the process of writing haiku in the now. Thanks for responding to the prompt – 🙂 Suzanne

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  2. These are lovely, Janice…a beautiful light touch to them. 😀 Thank you also for sharing about Hisajo’s life and thoughts – ‘I want to sketch things that left an impression in the depth of my soul.’ Beautiful and powerful words indeed.

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