The flock


Flock of hens 

with a hungry brood—

on their own


Tacit agreement:

human stays behind the glass

turkeys come closer


To my delight, a flock of turkeys has been regularly visiting my back field and has been so bold as to graze next to the deck.  As I mentioned in my last turkey post, I can only take photos from inside the house as even a door opening quietly will send them away.

Intrigued by these visitors, I did some internet browsing and learned that Eastern wild turkeys were extinct in Ontario for about a century, until birds from the Eastern United States were reintroduced in the 1980’s.

Turkeys form single gender flocks consisting of only males (gobblers), only hens, or hens and young birds called ‘poults’. This explains why I haven’t been seeing gobblers with the hens and poults in my yard.  

©2017 Ontheland

6 thoughts on “The flock

  1. Aren’t birds fascinating? We’ve had more fledglings this summer coming to the feeders than I can ever remember. I absolutely love watching them and notice that the young ones adapt to being around us, since we are not threatening, and provide good grub!!

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