Journey to freedom

earthbound seed

tendrils wind high

on path to open sky


egg-cradled feathers

escape their shell

to fly



unfathomable space—

from earth to sky



This series of haiku emerged from Suzanne’s On the Road prompt of July 28 (a new one came out yesterday). The prompt touches on an enigmatic Zen koan.

©2017 Ontheland

13 thoughts on “Journey to freedom

  1. Great beans! What kind are they? Your haiku are very profound. The last one really took me on a journey. I found it opened up a meditative space in my mind.

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    1. I’m happy you enjoyed the haiku… the beans are long green beans … we are enjoying them now… I planted two types ‘Fortex’ and ‘Berta Talaska’ a long broad green bean. I believe the photos show Fortex vines.

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      1. I have broad beans growing that they are very slow to take off this year – I think I got them in too late. I will have to look at the varieties you mention.

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      2. They work well here…I get the seeds from an Ontario farmer (not close by but close enough in the same province with similar growing conditions). I am convinced a large part of my success comes from seeds gathered from plants that have survived similar weather.

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      3. Yes, I must try and find a local seed supplier. I bought some seed from an organic grower who lives on the other side of the state. At least I know the seed will produce viable seed (not like Monsanto stuff) but they do come from a much warmer climate. Perhaps that’s why they are growing so slowly – their in shock. 🙂

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