departing sun

outdoor toil ends early

as summer fades


Carpe Diem #1228 Sunset

©2017 Ontheland

17 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. That sun does look it is flaring. What a dramatic shot. I like your haiku. Working late outside in summer in one of life’s joys. I was thinking the same thing earlier this week when I had to down tools around 4.30 as the winter sun dropped behind the buildings and the chill crept in. btw. I took your advice about “On the Road” prompts and got another one up this morning. Thanks for your support.

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      1. There’s something amazing in holding the contrasting realities of each side of the globe in mind…Night and day….yearning for the next season and sadly knowing colder ones will soon be here.

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      2. You wrote that comment in a very poetic way – it reads like a haibun. You’re right – there is something amazing to think of our separate realities and how connect through time and space.

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      3. I find haibun writing has a lot of mystique around it but it can flow more readily when you enter the zone (for want of a better word). Your comment makes me think. Maybe there’s room ‘On the Road’ for thoughts on writing. I’ll see what develops.

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    1. Happy to hear that another On the Road prompt is up. I think our muses work in mysterious ways sometimes. I have found that if I think I can’t or won’t I end up writing anyway. (It doesn’t always work that way though…)

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