macabre lullaby

A quadrille for dVerse: Be not Afraid:

Hush my dear

hear this tale:

Nuclear bombs

will end night terror,

Earth will flash the sky—

 a spectacular splash 

like firework flowers

on a national holiday—

and a mushroom cloud 

will trail the Milky Way

gathering stardust,

then fear will be

no more.


©2017 Ontheland

42 thoughts on “macabre lullaby

  1. You’ve verbalised my biggest fear, Janice, while including beauty in the lines:.
    ‘a spectacular splash
    like firework flowers’
    ‘…a mushroom cloud
    will trail the Milky Way
    gathering stardust’,

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    1. Thanks for the reflection Frank. Fear with regard to nuclear arsenals at least would indicate a recognition of the potential consequences…perhaps missing in some quarters.

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  2. Who said you couldn’t see stars at night in the city. Of course you couldn’t see past the fallout for quite a while either. I believe satellite reception would also be affected. Just kidding, that’s lots scarier than the bough breaking, and down will come baby, cradle and all, lol

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    1. I don’t feel we need to fear fear if we can look it in the eyes … we don’t need to deny the existence of danger even if the best thing we can do is stay calm and be kind to ourselves and others.


  3. “and a mushroom cloud
    will trail the Milky Way
    gathering stardust,”
    Ironically beautiful words to describe the end of humanity. Let us pray we never have this type of stardust again.

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    1. I think I sort of freaked myself out too it’s not a pleasant image unless you focus on its irony (widespread support for such a toxic and destructive technology) Anyway another way to spiral out is to go the direction of some of the movies out there that depict life on the planet for survivors of a nuclear explosion.

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