On the road

“I set out on a journey of a thousand leagues, packing no provisions. I leaned on the staff of an ancient who, it is said, entered into nothingness under the midnight moon.”~Matsuo Basho, The Record of a Weather-exposed Skeleton – his first travel journal.

Thinking about travelling lightly, I wrote the following haiku. Many thanks to Suzanne for her third On the Road prompt which touches issues I continue to grapple with. For those readers who did not join the Brownies or have sisters who did, ‘Be prepared’ is a Brownie motto.

How lightly

does a Brownie pack

for camping?


Be prepared?

You already have

all you need


Looking for happiness, I threw away the map.

©2017 Ontheland

13 thoughts on “On the road

      1. Thanks Janice. I’ve come to the conclusion ‘On the Road’ needs me to put in a lot more work if it is to survive. As to whether or not I do that work – I’m not sure. This week will tell. Thanks for your support and kind words about the prompts. It’s great to get some feedback.

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      2. You’re welcome Suzanne. I can well imagine that composing new prompts of the kind you are offering would require time and thought….as can the responses.

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      3. Thanks Janice. It’s wonderful to hear how you feel about the prompts. To say I appreciate your feedback is an understatement. I’ll see where this week takes me along the road 🙂

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    1. Thanks Dorna. I was a Brownie too but I can’t remember us ever doing real camping. We went to log cabins with rows of bunk beds. I don’t remember packing then but my adult packing style tends towards ‘be prepared’…aiming to loosen that up a bit 🙂


  1. An interesting haiku in response to Suzanne’s quote Janice. I think most of us travelled very lightly until we were grabbed in by the world of work and income and debt. When I was a uni student all I owned fitted in a couple of large bags and now………….

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  2. I almost forgot to congratulate you Janice on the shorter 3/5/3 haiku, less words in the spirit of the challenge? The last line of the second could work as 3 with “all you need”

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    1. Thank you Denis…great observation about the lighter syllable count…hadn’t thought of that. I liked your suggestion for the second so much that I changed it. I was also hoping to fix a scrolling problem (perhaps like the one you mentioned the other day)…it still doesn’t scroll properly in my Reader (sigh)

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