layer removed

Born into a world without personal computing, I learned to type using correction strips on a manual typewriter.

Five years ago I saw a woman google for information on her phone while in line at a concert. ‘How novel!’ I thought.

Now, in 2017, my phone is always with me, ready with time, weather, news, answers, camera, apps and books. But today, with no internet connection, I have a feeling of loss.  I am not lost though—an old familiar world has returned.

with no internet

my old life returns

unseen layer removed


18 thoughts on “layer removed

    1. Yes having time without them feels good…I wonder about people who haven’t ever had that experience…how hard would it be for them if everything crashed?


  1. Love that haiku! I was all excited when my parents brought home a typewriter. We didn’t even have a computer in the home until I was in high school and it certainly didn’t do all the things we have now. There was no Google. And not surprising, but I’ve noticed I get a lot more book reading and writing accomplished if I set the iPhone aside for a while. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yes it’s a balancing act. I do enjoy reading paper books and do most of my jotting on paper unless only my phone is handy. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like growing up in a cyber connected world.


  2. It is incredible how much technology has taken over our lives in such a short time. It is nice when the internet goes down for a short while but I’m always glad when it comes back online.

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  3. I remember learning to type on old fashioned typewriters with the dreaded tippex!! Always the white blob and waiting for it to dry! I do enjoy the world and ease of the internet, whilst also revelling in its absence – this weekend we were far away on the coast with no mobile reception so had to scrounge for coins and use a pay phone!! The novelty!!😀😀 Oh, the old world quickly returned!

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  4. When I learned to type, correx strips were forbidden. I took a summer school course from the vocational track at my high school. The teacher was an elderly lady with the spirit of a Marine Corps drill sergeant. She was teaching for people who expected to earn a living by typing (yes, that long ago) and was determined to teach them how to earn a good living, even if she had to kill them in the process. No correx strips; no overstrikes; no looking at the kbd. Type it fast and type it right or U get to clean the latrine with your toothbrush.

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    1. That would have been a brutal course for sure! My Intro course was very tame … definitely not at a vocational level 🙂 I had a hint of the level of perfection required from my mother who did office work for several years— in the 50’s probably (I don’t think she enjoyed it)

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