missed sign


The sign is there but we miss it,

drive right by in oblivion,

not in defiance, just not seeing

caught in a daydream,

a fantasy or making plans

until reality looms and

our mind flashes back

to the yellow diamond sign

yelling “Dead End”!

©2017 Ontheland

Today’s dVerse poetics prompt is from Mish: “Today I’d like you to choose a sign as a visual prompt. Let it speak to you metaphorically or as an allegory.”  My response is a 44-word quadrille and the edited photo is from Pixabay.

28 thoughts on “missed sign

    1. Yes life signs are easier to miss than the ones on the road … often clearer in retrospect. There is usually a way to turn around eventually…though some situations are more tight than others (metaphorically or otherwise). Thanks for your thoughts Frank 🙂

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    1. Of course the word ‘dead’ has a certain meaning but a ‘dead end’ is simply a place where there is no more road and you have to turn around. Usually that is possible. Other times, as in life, there is thick brush and ditches which make turning around quite difficult……

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  1. Love your response to the prompt here. So many signs….dead end can be the road we take, in haste, not looking at all the signs that came before. A U-Turn is what is sometimes needed!

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