early morning drive

Much to see this early morn, driving west to Napanee–

Bright goldfinches swift in flight, a rare and sweet delight.

Then our local resting cows—gathered close when we drive by.

Fertile fields, green lines sprouting, neat cornrows straight and winding.

White seed fluff drifts high and low, ending their grand growth cycle.

Wide open windows, fresh air flows, until trucks lift clouds of dust.

By the road a school bus loads, then a group packing for a trip.

Rattling down our last road home, we dodge manure and deep potholes.

Home at last, a huge relief, now we can go back to bed.


©2017 Ontheland

9 thoughts on “early morning drive

    1. Given our regular schedule we were up very early with only a half night’s sleep…it was fun seeing the morning countryside but it didn’t kill the exhaustion unfortunately.


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