When terror strikes

we mourn in gales of sorrow,

praise those forever lost.

When torrents subside,

let us sit down and talk.

How can we know the signs,

prevent seduction,

show more caring?

Storms of carnage call for compassion,

All arrogance must be tamed.

©2017 Ontheland

With ‘storm’ as this week’s dVerse Quadrille prompt, it was hard not to think of the recent tragic events in London.  I found myself surfing the web to find information about education and support programs designed to prevent radicalization leading to violence. What I had heard on the radio seemed to be confirmed—there are few large scale initiatives…actions being taken seem to be low profile (or reported in languages other than English).  Here are three links that I found interesting:


32 thoughts on “prevention

  1. Your words are so true, Janice. It’s hard to focus on solving a problem when all you see is its devastation. Your final lines hit the mark:
    ‘Storms of carnage call for compassion,
    All arrogance must be tamed’.

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  2. ‘We mourn in gales of sorrow’. Wow, Janice, you’ve caught the feelings exactly. Still reeling over here and now more details of the attack are coming out…tough times.

    You’re right education and support programmes are one major way forward and yes, a few have existed here in the U.K. I’ve read a lot about Prevents work here in the U.K., some view it as controversial but the overall feeling is that it is having a positive effect within schools and young people groups. However as ever funding is being cut and the program was going to be massively curtailed – it would seem crazy if this goes ahead. This morning’s paper told of how one the attackers brother is part of a Prevent program in his neighbourhood- talk about being poles apart…

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    1. There are certainly no guarantees with programs like Prevent but I imagine that benefits accumulate over time and with critique, programs can improve. It would be crazy as you say for them to cut funding. Condemnation seems so much easier than building strong communities.

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  3. Your poem says it strongly and beautifully Janice.
    ” prevent seduction,

    show more caring?

    Storms of carnage call for compassion,

    All arrogance must be tamed.”

    Yes, we need to form more help and talk centres. Caring and compassion is a strong weapon.

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  4. We need to talk, find solutions, show compassion, yes! But it seems radical Islam is neither rational nor humane…false ideologies are dangerous (terrorists have been “educated” to kill, destroy, and take political control).


    1. The compassion I feel worth aspiring for is unconditional…we can extend it in our home communities where seeds of violence are present and nurtured by many deep rooted ideologies.


  5. Yes, this addresses the tendency for apathy to return once the perceived ‘storm’ is over. We need to be more proactive and sow the seeds of love. I think the place to start is education and have more understanding and plans for all kind of minds.

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  6. You have raised a very important point Janice, Education is the solution to most of the Humanity problems we face today! and the recent happenings in London and Manchester are saddening.

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    1. For sure — some people feel violence is inevitable but I think we can look at ourselves and consider how we can reduce this in our societies—- and what we do in our own communities spreads outwards. There is a wave of sadness across the world when events like these are publicized.

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    1. I imagine you are thinking about full blown arrogance…I think many of us could fall into arrogance traps (lose humility) but we can avoid it if we are aware and wary…

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