Looking down

We are diggers




peeling away


remains of millions

of years of decomposition.

Layers of moss, sedge, shrubs

decayed in wetlands over millenniums,

peat bogs habitats

of orchids and cranes,

dug and drained

for potting soil mixes, and


Black rock called coal,

once peat millions of years ago,

scraped from underground seams

to be voraciously consumed

until sullied by smog, 

outshone by petroleum

and liquefied fumes,

once prehistoric life

compressed by rock

for millions of years.

The earth bears riches

so we look down,

we still dream of stars,


flying in the wind,

yet we look down

to dark pits,


by profit’s spin

not heeding the shrill siren call.

©2017 Ontheland


10 thoughts on “Looking down

    1. Yes it is a bit of a rut… many of us want to change and there is some momentum happening and hopefully we’ll look to the key powerhouse above us (sun) and pick up speed.

      Liked by 1 person

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