Night sounds

Strange night cries

from behind the trees

fluted trills

tease curious minds

awed by the unknown.

As spring progresses night sounds become louder and more mysterious.  We are never sure what we are hearing.  Often the sounds seem too loud to be frogs or crickets.  Could they be birds or baby coyotes we wonder?  With no naturalist on hand we live with unnamed presences.

©2017 Ontheland

13 thoughts on “Night sounds

  1. Love night-time sounds and I love your poem. We used to hear coyotes a lot but since the area has built up so much, you don’t hear much of that anymore. Occasionally we will hear owls or a bird trilling.

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  2. ‘Awed by the unknown’…this is what makes us curious and slightly nervous about the nightlife in the forests, never quite knowing what is out there! Lovely poem, Janice and this spoke to me as for the past few evenings and nights the wildlife seems busier than ever and I’m never quite sure what is going on! 😀 No coyotes, though!

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