May rains

We’ve had an unusual stretch of rain and clouds. 


such abundance!

the creek is now a river

tumbling to the lake


city pond

willow tresses

fill the mirror 

After days of rain

gardener returns

to sprinkle seeds

©2017 Ontheland

23 thoughts on “May rains

  1. There seems to be an abundance of rain across much of planet at the moment. I like the way you are celebrating that. The first photo is lovely – what a beautiful place.

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      1. I never fully felt like a northerner until I started blogging. Of course some tulips have opened elsewhere but mine just started showing their red lips over the last two days.


      2. I preferred the long slow springs of further north. It goes too quickly here. The winters don’t get cold enough to stop all the growth, so the minute the sun gets a little bit warm, everything is all ready to burst into bloom. It finishes much too soon.

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