I wonder why

I shuddered and

uttered pitchy sounds when

rock and fence became your

sudden slither.  You are

definitely not my type but

we can get along

if you stay.  Your

orange stripes, woven skin

and watchful eye make you

a stud—perhaps.  Yet

my prejudice against your

kind is deep.  Is it experience

I lack or could it be

a gene or

myth that makes me


© 2017 Ontheland

The photo shows the snake I encountered the other day when I was just about to lean over to look for pea sprouts.  Garter snakes are known to be fairly harmless and probably beneficial for the garden, but…

6 thoughts on “rapprochement

  1. Snakes are astonishing creatures. I came across several one hot day last summer. Luckily they were below me when I on was on a board walk. It gave me a chance to stop and really look at them. The colours on their skin were so beautiful – almost luminescent. I can relate to your fear though. I ones I saw are called Tiger Snakes and among the most deadly in Australia.

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